Monday, 23 January 2017

6 Verticals You Can Streamline through Business Process Automation Services

Business process automation (BPA), has been around for quite some time, helping enterprises save time and money. The several benefits of BPA software propel it into one of the most vital elements for organizations. From automating manual compilation or distribution of reports to easing the otherwise complex onboarding and offboarding processes, BPA application goes a long way in streamlining business processes. If you are unsure on how availing business process automation services can benefit your organization, we discuss how the right tool can organize 6 diverse business verticals. Take a look.

1) Sales

The primary goal of the sales team is to improve sales figures. Introducing an automated and configurable application can help sales professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily. The information empowers the sales team to effectively analyse, manage, and target both, new and existing customers for better returns. Not only that, the application also enables the sales team to process order, generate invoices, and forecast future sales, all of which augur well for organizational development

2) Inventory

Inventory management is demanding work. An automated application can support inventory officials with product management, item classification, transfer orders, and price list management, resulting in improved productivity. Inventory management enables the team to find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily, analyse the processed data, and manage the inventory system.

3) Finance

Managing the finances of an organization is an uphill task requiring proficient task makers at the helm. Even then, there are chances of errors in the manual management of finances. This is where an automated application comes into picture. It takes care of core accounting functions, including general ledger, general journal, chart of accounts, and bank reconciliation, addressing every accounting and reporting need of the organization. The application also manages the bank reconciliation process and TDS calculations.

4) Human Resources

We tend to take human resource management lightly, although it plays a significant role in the functioning of an organization. Introducing an automated application can help streamline day to day activities and provide end-to-end solutions with expense reporting and payroll tools. It also assists HR professionals with job posting and application handling, interview process, training & development, complaints, leave, and payroll management. 

5) Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of organizational performance and success. An effective marketing strategy can help business reach new heights. Incorporating an automated marketing management application helps in effectively tracking the different marketing strategies, resulting in better planning and decision making. Additionally, automating marketing activities helps track the right customers, eliminates paperwork, improves campaign management, and lowers the associated costs & time.

6) Project Management

Effective management and timely delivery of the projects is what drives companies to succeed. Automated applications enable project managers to maintain project related information, including project schedules, plans, budget, and status, allowing them to identify and resolve potential discrepancies, if any. Having access to project information helps project managers improve their delivery standards, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Final Words

Business process automation application has become a necessity in today’s competitive environment. It is an efficient, secure, and robust tool that synchronizes different organizational verticals to provide maximum benefits to all stakeholders. Business process automation services are suitable for organizations that want to leverage technology to grow their business, without the hassles of building a large IT infrastructure and team.

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